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Children and youth of Kokkola innovate environmental actions in a competition sponsored by the Green Pioneer of the Year prize money

Winners of the idea competition in the preschool to 2nd grade category from Lohtaja Kirkonkylä School.
Winners of the idea competition in the preschool to 2nd grade category from Lohtaja Kirkonkylä School.

The City of Kokkola won our Green Pioneer of the Year competition last year. The prize money was used to organize a competition in which local children and youth could propose ideas for sustainable development initiatives.

Last fall, MuniFin awarded Kokkola the Green Pioneer of the Year title. The competition prize was EUR 10,000, which the winner could use for a sustainability project of their choice.

With the prize money, Kokkola organized a competition where preschool and school children could innovate projects related to climate and the environment.

“Environmental issues are crucial for the happiness of the younger generation. That’s why we in Kokkola believe in our children and young people and wanted to involve them in brainstorming for a green future,” explained Veli-Matti Isoaho, Head of Construction for the City of Kokkola, on the decision to organize the competition.

A total of 44 teams participated in the competition in four different age categories. Each team could submit one project for the competition. Ideas were collected during February and March 2024.

Ambitious and creative projects impressed the jury

The winners of the competition were announced at an award ceremony in early May organized by the City of Kokkola. The following groups were selected for their innovative ideas:

Early Childhood Education

Winner: Ulkometsä Daycare

Project: Integrating Recycling into Daily Daycare Activities

Preschool – 2nd Grade

Winner: Lohtaja Kirkonkylä School, 2nd Grade

Project: Nature-Friendly Schoolyard

3rd – 6th Grade

Winner: Kälviä Marttila School, 6th Grade

Project: Marttila School’s Backyard Garden

Junior High

Winner: Hakalahti School, 9A

Project: Biodiversity Protection Campaign

Each category winner will receive an EUR 2,500 cash prize, which the class or group can use as they wish.

Green Pioneer of the Year Won with the Piispanmäki Project

Last year, Kokkola won the competition with the Piispanmäki multi-functional building project. The city’s commitment to green financing requirements impressed the competition’s evaluation panel.

“Kokkola has admirably taken ownership of sustainable construction, which was evident in the Piispanmäki project. The initiative was managed internally, with the entire organization committed to it. It was a pleasure to see how Kokkola’s children and young people were involved in environmental discussions,” said Daniel Eriksson, MuniFin’s Customer Relationship Manager.

MuniFin first named a Green Pioneer of the Year among its clients in 2019, recognizing those who have ambitiously advanced climate and environmental goals.

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