Responsible employer

Investing in employee wellbeing

MuniFin promotes employee wellbeing, expertise and workplace diversity. For us, diversity means that we treat everyone as equal, appreciate the value of individual differences and believe in everyone’s right to be included. We promote equal opportunities and are strongly opposed to discrimination.

We strive for equal pay and equal career opportunities. We regularly monitor the development of the gender distribution of our employees and managerial staff, our gender pay gaps and our employees’ experience of equality. This work is verified by an independent research company. We also assess employee wellbeing based on factors such as job satisfaction, employee turnover and the number of our employees’ training days.

Our extensive employee experience efforts have been proven successful in employee experience surveys conducted by an independent research company. In the surveys, our employee experience has exceeded the average for Finnish expert organisations. In 2023 and 2024, we were ranked among Finland’s most inspiring workplaces thanks to our exceptionally good employee survey results. We adhere to the financial sector’s collective agreement and offer our employees a wide range of benefits, such as comprehensive occupational healthcare and extensive insurance coverage, including leisure time insurance.

MuniFin is signatory to the UN Global Compact initiative and committed to adhering to the initiative’s principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We also follow the International Labour Organization’s conventions and recommendations, which have been incorporated into Finnish legislation.

United by shared values and social mission

MuniFin’s values are customer centricity, responsibility and transparency. Our employees are also united by the significance of our work and our corporate culture. The cornerstones of our culture – as determined by our employees – are community and team spirit, transparency and trust, and sustainability and social significance.

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