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Are you interested in Finland’s current economic outlook and the specificities of the Finnish economy? Want to learn more about the impacts of sustainable finance? Our experts are happy to share their insights on the Finnish welfare state and MuniFin’s bond issuance programmes.

What is MuniFin?

Municipality Finance Plc is one of Finland’s largest credit institutions. We help secure Finland’s operational reliability and boost sustainable development. Our core mandate is to ensure that our customers have access to affordable financing under all market and social conditions, including extraordinary circumstances.  

We offer a wide range of financing and financial advisory services to municipalities, wellbeing services counties and affordable social housing organisations. We finance environmentally sustainable and socially responsible projects, such as schools, day-care centres, public transport, hospitals, health centres and affordable social housing.  

Our customers are Finnish, but our operating environment is global. We are an active issuer in the capital markets, and our bonds are comparable to government bonds. MuniFin’s key shareholders include Finnish municipalities, public sector pension provider Keva and the State of Finland. 

Communication principles

Our goal is to ensure that all market participants have sufficient and accurate information about MuniFin’s business operations and development prospects. In our communication, we adhere to applicable laws, regulatory guidelines and the rules of the exchanges in which our bonds are listed. The key principles of our communication are transparency, accountability and customer centricity. 

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