Wellbeing services counties sector

Finland’s wellbeing services counties are self-governing regions that took over the responsibility for organising healthcare, social welfare and rescue services as of 1 January 2023. These duties were previously the responsibility of municipalities.

Finland has a of total of 21 wellbeing services counties. The division into counties is mainly based on Finland’s division into regions, with the exception of the City of Helsinki, which organises its own healthcare, social welfare and rescue services independently of any wellbeing services county.

The Finnish wellbeing services counties sector also includes joint county authorities for wellbeing services as well as corporate entities owned by the counties. Wellbeing services counties can establish joint county authorities to handle their duties together under a shared agreement. The counties can also own corporate entities to produce support services.

MuniFin offers wellbeing services counties financing for their new investments.

MuniFin’s long-term loan portfolio 2023

Guarantees of the customer finance portfolio

All our customer financing receivables are from Finnish municipalities, joint municipal authorities, wellbeing services counties or joint county authorities, or accompanied by a securing municipal, joint municipal authority, wellbeing services county or joint county authority guarantee or state deficiency guarantee supplementing real estate collateral. No final credit losses are therefore expected to arise.