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“Huomisen talous” Podcast: Holiday Special with MuniFin’s Funding Team

The past year has been far from ordinary. Low interest rates and inflation have been replaced by a historically fast rate-hiking cycle. So how did MuniFin’s funding look like over this extraordinary year – and what’s in store for 2024?  

The final episode of 2023 in our Huomisen Talous (i.e., ”Tomorrow’s Economy”) podcast differs a little from our regular broadcasting and switches to English. MuniFin’s field covers the Finnish public sector, but our Funding team also works with a wide range of international partners and investors outside of Finland. You can learn more about the MuniFin Funding team’s work also on our YouTube channel (link).

Chief Economist Timo Vesala sits down with Senior Funding Manager Karoliina Kajova and Funding Analyst Aaro Koski to discuss MuniFin’s issuances in 2023 and what the market looked like, as well as what are the plans for next year and the Finnish economy’s current outlook. Listen to the podcast below!

This episode concludes the podcast for 2023. The podcast’s spring season starts after the holiday break: the first episode of 2024 will appear on January 23rd. Listen and follow us on Spotify, SoundCloud or on Apple’s and Google’s podcast services.