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MuniFin awarded for its transactions in the Japanese Uridashi market

Tokyo`s skyline with the Fuji mountain in the backgound.

MuniFin won one of the most respected categories of the awards as it was selected the Issuer of the Year. Additionally, MuniFin receives the Deal of the Year Award in the category of equity index-linked deals.

– MuniFin has had a long-term presence in the Uridashi market. We have always adapted to new trends and been a flexible issuer thereby sustaining stable issuance volumes. The Uridashi market is a strategic part of MuniFin’s funding. MuniFin issues 20–30% of its annual funding in the Uridashi market, says Karoliina Kajova, Manager at MuniFin’s funding.

The mtn-i Uridashi Awards Ceremony will be held in Tokyo on October 23, 2018.

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