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MuniFin joins Climate Bonds Initiative Partners Program

Manuel Adamini, Head of Investor Engagement at Climate Bonds Initiative.

MuniFin launched green financing for environmental investments in 2016 and issued its first green bond the same year. Since then the company has issued two more publicly traded green bonds and arranged one green private placement. The green project portfolio has reached over EUR 1.2 billion.

MuniFin has taken an active role in promoting more ambitious climate action among its customers. The company offers a margin discount for green projects, which is still globally a rare feature among green financing products.

“We need to dramatically scale up investments to counter climate change, at a global, regional, national and community level. MuniFin acts as a cost-efficient vehicle to channel global funds into Finland’s climate transition, playing a key role in the financing of climate mitigation and adaption projects in municipalities”, says Manuel Adamini, Head of Investor Engagement at Climate Bonds Initiative.

“Raising awareness of the need of green investments and helping our customers to find working examples of realised green investments is one of our aims. We believe that Climate Bonds Initiative will significantly help us reaching this goal”, says Esa Kallio, President and CEO of MuniFin.   

Climate Bonds Initiative undertakes advocacy and outreach to inform and stimulate the market, provides policy models and government advice, market data and analysis, and administers an international Standard & Certification Scheme for best practice in green bonds issuance.

“The Climate Bonds Initiative is delighted to join forces with MuniFin, a green bonds pioneer, to further strengthen climate action in Finland”, Mr. Adamini says.

Banks, institutional investors, private and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments are eligible to join as Climate Bond Partners to help grow a market of green and climate bonds. Partners support investor and stakeholder outreach and education projects centred on growing robust and­­­ sustainable green bond markets that contribute to climate action and low carbon investment. Partners assist in developing initiatives to grow investment in climate finance solutions, participate in different market development committees & help define policy agendas for sector, country & sub-national green bond development programs. A list of Partners is available here.