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More customer benefits and investments in sustainability – MuniFin published its 2021 Annual Report and Green and Social Impact Reports

The cover of the annual report 2021. On the left hand side solar panels on a roof, on the right hand side a boy and a girl looking at a tablet computer.

The demand for financing in the municipal sector was moderate and lower than expected in 2021. This was due to an unexpectedly good economic and employment situation and the central government’s COVID-19 support for municipalities. In contrast, the demand for non-profit housing finance grew moderately and has remained largely unaffected throughout the pandemic. Our new long-term financing for 2021 totalled EUR 3.7 billion.

What was 2021 like at MuniFin? Watch the video below.

This year, we report the impacts of our green and social finance in separate reports. We grant green finance to projects that have verifiable positive impacts on the environment and social finance to projects that produce widespread social benefits.

The cover of the Green Impact Report. On the left hand side a car connected to a charger. On the left hand side a girl with a dog on the backseat of the car.
The cover of the Social Impact Report 2021. On the left, there's a wooden house, on the right a happy disabled woman wearing headphones.

Integrating sustainability and new operating models

Sustainability is interwoven even more closely into all our operations and the work of all our employees. In 2021, we started to work on calculations to make the environmental load of our own operations more visible. We also published our Sustainable Investment Framework, which summarises the sustainability principles, processes and responsibilities in our investment activities. Because sustainability is such an integral part of all our work, we have incorporated it directly into our operational reporting for the first time, instead of publishing a separate report.

MuniFin’s year 2021 was characterised by renewal and the rooting of new operating models.

“This year, we will continue to renew, improve our management and integrate sustainability into our operations even more closely”, says Esa Kallio, MuniFin’s president and CEO.