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MuniFin sets the long-term funding target for 2021: EUR 10-11 billion

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Our commitment to sustainability will continue to remain strong. We are planning to issue in both social and green format in 2021. Sizes will depend on the underlying asset development, but minimum sizes are EUR 500 million equivalent. In addition, we are closely looking at the developments on EU Taxonomy and Green Bond Standard.

In 2020 MuniFin issued EUR 11.0 billion of new long-term funding. The amount is larger than originally planned, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to larger-than planned growth in the lending activities. Market access in benchmark markets and private placements remained strong throughout the year. Approximately 52% was issued in strategic public markets in EUR and USD. This included four new EUR benchmarks between 5 and 15 years and one new USD benchmark in 3 years. In terms of sustainable bonds, MuniFin issued the first Nordic SSA Social bond in September and a new Green bond in October.

Top 4 currencies in 2020 have been EUR (64%), USD (16%), JPY (11%) and NOK (4%). These currencies account for 95% of the new funding issued in 2020.

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Antti Kontio
Head of Funding, MuniFin
Tel. +358 500 3700285