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Timo Vesala appointed Chief Economist at MuniFin

MuniFin´s Chief Economist Timo Vesala.

Timo Vesala, 44, has been appointed as Chief Economist at Municipality Finance (MuniFin). The role of Chief Economist is new, since MuniFin has not previously had this position. Mr. Vesala held the role of Chief Economist at Savings Banks Group before joining MuniFin.

– Mr. Vesala has a strong background in research, portfolio management and most recently as a chief economist. This unique skill set brings along valuable and wide-ranging expertise. The role of the Chief Economist at MuniFin is different from similar positions in commercial banks as this role has an especially strong societal aspect. MuniFin’s mission is to build a better future together with our customers. With the help of Mr. Vesala’s new role we will be able to deepen our own expertise and support our customers’ every day work in a very concrete way by helping them to interpret the effects of global economic trends to municipal finances in Finland, says Esa Kallio, the President and CEO of MuniFin.

– As the Chief Economist Mr. Vesala will have a strong role throughout MuniFin’s organisation, supporting the decision-making in different business areas. MuniFin’s EUR 6–8 billion funding program makes it crucial to analyse the developments in the global markets, says Joakim Holmström, Head of Capital Markets at MuniFin. 

However, it is just as important to be able to offer insight of future trends in Finland.

– Besides the global markets, MuniFin’s Chief Economist has to understand the impacts of both international economic developments and Finland’s internal trends for the Finnish economy. This is crucial in order to thoroughly understand our customers’ operating environment, Mr. Holmström says.

– I see working as MuniFin’s Chief Economist an opportunity to be part of a company that has a central role in the Finnish society. Due to the wide-ranging nature of the role, I feel I am in a position to make a great impact. As an economist I want to give the company and its customers a reliable view on the big picture and the direction where the economy is headed, Timo Vesala says.

Further information:

President and CEO Esa Kallio, tel. +358 50 337 7853

Executive Vice President, Capital Markets Joakim Holmström, tel. +358 50 444 3638

Chief Economist Timo Vesala, tel. +358 50 5320 702