Governance principles

MuniFin’s governance is founded on responsibility and ethical conduct.

MuniFin has authorisation for credit institution activity in accordance with the Finnish Act on Credit Institutions, and its operations are supervised by the European Central Bank and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

All MuniFin’s activities are founded on the company’s values and ethical principles. Responsible and ethical conduct serves as the cornerstone of all company operations.

MuniFin’s governance is primarily guided by the following:

Where applicable, MuniFin also follows the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies published by the Finnish Securities Market Association. This code applies to Finnish listed companies, i.e. companies whose shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (Helsinki Stock Exchange). Since MuniFin is exclusively an issuer of listed bonds and its shares are not subject to public trading, the direct application of the code is not appropriate.

As an issuer of listed bonds, MuniFin also follows the rules of the stock exchange. MuniFin has listings in exchanges operating in London, Helsinki and Zürich.

MuniFin's governance structure
The chart is a general illustration of the administrative structure of MuniFin. Solid arrows indicate formal reporting responsibility while dotted arrows indicate agreed additional and parallel reporting methods.