MuniFin’s sustainability agenda

Entitled Enabler of sustainable welfare in society, this sustainability agenda focuses on our business operations and the impact achieved through them.

The agenda s built around two main themes: foundation of the Finnish welfare society and driver of the green transition. In line with these themes, our goal is to support the development of a sustainable welfare society and promote investments that are friendly for the climate and environment.

In this sustainability agenda, we are now establishing clear and measurable long-term sustainability goals and indicators for the first time in our company’s history. By doing so, we are committing to integrating the themes of sustainable development even more tightly into our operations. We are committed to doing our best to achieve these goals. We will describe this work in our reports.

The financial sector plays a pivotal role in advancing both national and international sustainable development goals. By redirecting financial resources to more sustainable projects, financial sector organisations can drive significant positive change. MuniFin is committed to contributing to this mission within the context of its own sustainability work and operating environment.
MuniFin's sustainability agenda
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Sustainability agenda themes

  1. Foundation of the Finnish welfare society
    Enabling the foundation for a sustainable welfare state
  2. Driver of the green transition
    Promoting investments that benefit the climate and environment

Sustainability agenda goals

  1. By 2030, green and social finance account for at least one-third of our long-term customer finance portfolio
  2. By 2035, financed emissions from buildings have an emission intensity of 8 kgCO2e/m2

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MuniFin sustainability policy

Sustainability policy covers the ethics of MuniFin’s operations as well as the ESG aspects related to social responsibility and stakeholder needs. This context includes risks pertaining to the environment, climate, social responsibility and governance.

The purpose of this policy is to not only strengthen the positive impact, but also reduce and avoid the negative impact MuniFin has on society and the environment through its business operations, and to reduce the risks to which the company, its reputation and its employees are exposed.

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Ethical principles at MuniFin

Municipality Finance Group operates to serve as a trusted, honest and ethical institution in the course of all of its activities and relationships, including customer and employment relationships, partnerships and other relations.

The purpose of this policy is to communicate MuniFin’s ethical operating principles to the company’s personnel. These principles apply to all personnel and must be followed in all operations.

In addition to complying with legislation, administrative regulations and internal policies and instructions, MuniFin’s management and employees are expected to perform their duties with due skill, care and honesty.

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